3k views on my other blog

October 17, 2016

Data Science


My other blog is doing well, last month I hit the 3,000 visitor mark. The blog is mainly  way of just writing about code for mahcine learning projects. It covers all sorts of stuff really, including data handling, data transformation and the odd minor projects like the Titanic Project ad some computer vision stuff using SIFT and OpenCV.

I don’t really promote the site too much, maybe the odd tweet now and again, but people still manage to find it. The really cool thing is that people actually stay and read some stuff. Below you can see that in 1 month the site had 4,295 page views, of which 3,681 are unique. People stayed on the website for an average of 2ins 37secs but some pages keep people on for longer, such as Linear Regression in Python (avg: 4min 53sec) and Outlier remove in R using IQR (avg: 5min 36sec).

Stamford Research Stats
Some website stats from Google Analytics

I started a Titanic project on the website were people can download some sample Titanic data and work through a tutorial to build a model which predicts survival rates. This has had a lot of views.

The site also gets visitors from all over the world. Most people are from the US, then India and the UK (see below).


Check the website out, it is awesome if you want to know more about data science stuff.

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