Codepen Meetup Presentation

I was lucky enough to talk at the first #Codepen meetup at C4Di. I did a little talk which gave a little background on data science and presented a website I put together so everyone could estimate the likelihood they would survive the Titanic (or not). You can find it here at

Most data science projects tend to be not very end user friendly. We spend all of our time cleaning data, creating models and evaluating them in tools such as R or Python. But very rarely do we put together a demo that other people can play with. So my motivation was to develop a simple model I could explain to everyone, translate this across to a website (PHP back end/Bootstrap front end) and let people have a play.

During the night we also had some great talks from Reg and Danny. Reg showed off a creation he put together in Codepen which looked at visualising the events for Hull’s City of Culture. Danny did an amazing talk about modernising the Hull Ale trail built using React.

It was a great event to get talking to people, all developers, from a range of background. Plus free drinks and pizza, which is always good.

A big thank you to C4Di and Mark (Built with Code) for organising the event.


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