I love making games, and I’m currently working on a some large scale projects.

I initially started releasing a couple of games on Android and more recently on iOS. So far my mobile games have been downloaed more than 15,000 times (Dec 2017).

Check out the unreleased section for project I have worked but haven’t finished.


Crashy Planes

Developed in Unity using assets created in Magicavoxel.

Fly through an endless world, shooting bad guys, collecting coins and getting rewards. You can control planes from a range of era’s including World War 1, World War 2 and more recent modern wars. You will collect coins as you play to unlock more planes. Every time you play the game regenerated the level, so you always have a new experience. The game contains optional advertisements to win extra coins, they are not forced. It’s like Flappy Bird in Power Mode.

Available: iOS and Android

Road Runner Blitz

Developed in Unity using assets created in Adobe Illustrator.

Help Sheldon get across the road in this simply, addictive and frustrating game. “Better than flappy bird”, “frustratingly addictive, I’m determined to get 9 on quick play”. Designed to bring back the simple gameplay style we grew up with in the 80’s playing Atari, Commadore and Amstrad.

Available: Android

Christmas Coin Pusher

Developed in Unity using assets created in Adobe Illustrator and Blender.

The second coin pusher game I have made, bigger and better than before. This time you’re playing for Christmas chocolate coins from our very own Yetiplanet Chocolate lab.

Available: Android

Coin Pusher

Developed in Unity using assets created in Adobe Illustrator and Blender.

Play the classic seaside coin game for FREE, UNLIMITED with NO IN-APP purchases. It’s a bit like the 2p machines but it doesn’t cost 2p and it saves you having to go to the beach to find one.

Available: Android

Under Development

Desert Storm

I’m currently working on this game at the moment and I plan to release it early 2018 on PC and hopefully Xbox One.

Codename: Yetiplanet

This is my biggest scale project yet. It is a game with over 2 billion procedurally generated worlds which you travel between using a magical gate.

Super Stampy World

I wanted to test how to make a 2D platformer game in Unity so I combined Super Mario World with Stampy (The Youtuber).