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November 16, 2016

Games Development

Some asset renders

I’ve been working on my game for a long time now, its my semi serious project. As in, when I have time I’m serious about it and when I don’t have time for it, I make time for it. The game has been a great way to continue to develop my programming skills along with other skills I’ve been forced to develop along the way.

I guess the earliest version of the of the game started as a personal challenge to recreate Minecraft in Unity. I did this and it worked well. There was a few lag issues loading chunks in but this got resolved with updates to Unity. Next up was the idea to travel to different worlds, a little like Starbound minus the spaceship. Over time this eventually evolved to the game as it is now.

My Minecraft Clone
My Minecraft Clone

Now the game features a different terrain style, I’ve gone for a low poly style which is still similar to Minecraft but has slopping edges. The terrain is no longer editable, I wanted to move away from that style of gameplay. I still want players to gather resources but rather than big in the endless tunnels I want players to explore worlds. Currently the game features over 2 billion worlds, all procedurally generated. Which, lets be honest, is pretty awesome.

New World
The new version

Currently I am working on the inventory system. I’ve had a few break throughs and have a version working. I’ve also made changes to the backend structure to start thinking about craftable items. Once this is done I can then start adding a lot more content, I’ve got some really great ideas for this. I also want to change the world generation scripts to start building totally different worlds, more like biomes seen in Minecraft, Terraria, etc. My long term goal is to make it multipler, but we’ll have to wait and see about that.

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