PhD Success

After 3 and a half years the PhD was finally submitted, defended, corrected and resubmitted (the life cycle of any PhD thesis). The best advice I ever heard was ‘do a little bit very day, no matter how small’ and that is exactly what I did.

Learn Data Science in 5 Steps


Data science is one of the coolest sounding jobs around and probably one of the most sought-after skills in the world of computer science. But not many people know what it is and even some of those people who do know what it is cannot do it. What is even more problematic is that there … [Read more…]

Statistical Programming in R

Recently I have just finished helping deliver another post-graduate Statistical Programming in R course at the University of Hull. The course is delivered over 3 solid days as part of the Post Graduate Training Programme. I took the Statistical Programming in R course myself back in January 2015, and I loved it. Since then I … [Read more…]

Codepen Meetup Presentation

I was lucky enough to talk at the first #Codepen meetup at C4Di. I did a little talk which gave a little background on data science and presented a website I put together so everyone could estimate the likelihood they would survive the Titanic (or not). You can find it here at Most data … [Read more…]

3k views on my other blog

My other blog is doing well, last month I hit the 3,000 visitor mark. The blog is mainly¬† way of just writing about code for mahcine learning projects. It covers all sorts of stuff really, including data handling, data transformation and the odd minor projects like the Titanic Project ad some computer vision stuff using … [Read more…]